Alicia Navarro missing 2021 – What happened to Alicia Navarro Glendale teen?

By | December 3, 2021

Alicia Navaro missing – Is Alicia Navarro dead?

Since the mysterious disappearance of 14-year-old Alicia Navarro 2years ago, life has not been the same for her family who have done all they can to bring her back home, to no avail. Police Were informed about this and have also done their best by following every necessary lead to find Navarro, but have been unsuccessful.

Sources say that Alicia Navaro was last seen on September 15, 2019, till date no one has seen her, and we do not know if she is still alive but her mother is bent on finding her and is not giving up.

How did Alicia Navarro go missing?

Information gathered revealed that Navarro was with her mum on September 13, 2019, when she requested to stay away from home, and her mother granted this wish. They both spent the day together, only for her mother to meet a note from Navarro, saying she ran away, and would be back.

There have been no sightings of the 14-year-old yet, Alicia must have been in danger. she was reportedly diagnosed with Autism when she was much younger. Her mother is really worried and is afraid to think of the possible outcome of Navarro’s disappearance.

Alicia Navaro’s Note

The most disturbing note Navarro’s mother received that year was her daughter’s runaway note.

Alicia Navaro's note

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