Alexandra Morales Missing Georgia teacher found dead on roadside in Mexico

By | November 12, 2021

Alexandra Morales missing – Atlanta-area teacher found dead and a person of interest found dead

24-year-old Atlanta-area, Georgia teacher, Alexandra Morales, who reportedly went missing in Mexico after she took a leave from her job in October. When the family of the missing woman could not get to her, they made enquiries on her whereabout and could not get to her so they reported her missing to the police who effectively picked up the case, and started investigation. Which revealed a person of interest.

Alexandra Morales was last seen when she went to Mexico, on October 30, 2021, in the Guadalajara, Mexico, area and no one saw her until Tuesday, when her body was found in Mexico. The first-grade children teacher at the Benefield Elementary School in Lawrenceville, Georgia, has sadly left her family in grief

Despite the search and the hopes of recovering Morales, nothing positive came up,  Sloan Roach, a spokeswoman for Gwinnett County Public Schools said, “We were all very hopeful that they would find her and she would be returning safely but that was not the case,” 

Investigations are still going on and authorities will welcome any useful information that could lead to them to a permanent result in the case.