Aceyn Ausbrook 19, killed in Monroeville, family and friends mourn


Aceyn Ausbrook Death – A family friend of the 19-year-old who was shot and murdered on Saturday after leaving a party in Monroeville made a public plea to the offender. Losing Aceyn Ausbrook, according to Anthony Mock, was like losing his own child. Mock, a longtime family friend and Ausbrook’s mentor, stated, “Whoever did this, I pray God works on their heart.” Police were called to Bellwood Avenue just after 11:30 p.m. on Saturday due to a home party. When they got there, they discovered Ausbrook with a torso gunshot wound.

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He was taken to the hospital right away, where he passed away. “Great young man, a man of integrity. It’s hard to see a young man not able to see life at its full potential,” Mock said. A small memorial of candles and flowers now sits on Bellwood Avenue with cards that read, “Ace the sweetest most lovable person,” and “Love you forever Ace.” Mock described him as a talented young man who enjoyed making jewelry. “When he was 17 his mom came to me and said, ‘Anthony, Aceyn really likes his jewelry and wants to put his hand out and try it,’” shared Mock.

Ausbrook had an interest in creation and joined Mock as his first apprentice at that time, when Mock had already established a jewelry business and was climbing the corporate ladder. Aceyn began his first solo piece this year. He entered the room and announced, “I want to make something for my mom. His mom’s birthday is coming up,” Mock added. The cross that Aceyn created features three distinctive gems that stand for him and his two younger brothers.

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The piece was very just completed. Mock remarked that seeing Aceyn complete his mother’s cross after graduating last year was like witnessing a child grow into an adult. “I know I spoke life into him, and it’s hurtful to see someone take it out like it never even existed,” Mock said. Police in Allegheny County are still looking for a suspect in the death of Ausbrook. Anyone with information regarding the incident is urged to call the police at 1-833-ALL-TIPS.

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