Aaron Tschritter, Canadian man who travelled to watch the Cowboys game missing

By | November 26, 2021

Aaron Tschritter missing – Police seek help in finding a man missing from Deep Ellum on Thanksgiving day.

DEEP ELLUM, Texas – Aaron Tschritter, 29-year-old was reported missing from Canada. He was said to have traveled from Deep Ellum to watch the Cowboys game but did not make it to the game. he was reported missing to the police his worried family who said he has been unreachable and all attempts to contact him have been unsuccessful.

The 29-year-old was reportedly seen last Thursday, November 25th, 2021 at the Vinty Club in Deep Ellum at about 3 am. There has been a massive search for him after he was reported but he is still missing.

An investigation into his disappearance showed that he isn’t registered in any nearby hospital as his family has called most hospitals in the area and has also looked into his credit card but did not find anything suspicious. They also said his phone goes straight to voicemail.

Aaron Tschritter description:

Age – 29
Race – White
Sex – Male
Height – 5’10” feet
Hair – Brown
Eyes – Hazel
He is said to have a distinctive birthmark on his forearm.

A statement by his family members said it is out of his character to not contact them. they said “it’s “incredibly unlike him.” A Facebook post by Amanda Shay Lewis reads “What about the friend? Was there more than one friend? Why was Aaron the only one not accounted for? Did the friend go to the game anyway? Prayers he just got lost and will be found safe!”

Nicole Booher replying to her also said “Apparently the friend was blackout drunk and doesn’t remember much from the night. From what I read Aaron usually takes care of the friend on nights like this. The friend(s) said last they remember is Aaron wasn’t too intoxicated and seemed to be acting fine.”

Anyone who has information that can help find Aaron Tschritter has been asked to call the police immediately.

Kelly Verde made a post some minutes ago on the missing person’s page that was created to help find Aaron. It reads “A family member posted in another group that they are concerned he was in a fatal car accident. This is near the club that he left, and the time would coincide. Whether it’s him or not, this is so sad.”