A Man Found Dead with hands and feet bound in Aiken County home, South Carolina

JACKSON, S.C. – New details have been shared about the dead man’s body found tied up in an apartment in  Aiken County on Sunday, November 14, 2021, by the Jackson Police Department in an incident report. According to the report says police responded to 104 Third Street after a neighbor called for a well-being check after they smelled a foul smell coming from the home at about 5 p.m. The authorities were told by the neighbors that, they haven’t seen or heard anyone at the residence for a few weeks. On police arrival, they immediately recognized the smell of a decomposing body, stated the report

Front and back doors were found left opened. The home’s side door appeared to be blocked by a reclining chair. As police entered through the back of the apartment, police stated the smell grew stronger. The inside of the apartment appeared to be ransacked, according to the report.  The report stated that police found a bloody shirt on the floor and a couch that appeared to cover a “small door,” and several cabinets and compartments were open and burnt documents were found on the kitchen stove and sink. In the home’s den, . When police opened the door, they found a body of a decomposing man hidden inside with the man’s hands and feet were bound.

Investigating to positively identify the victim according to the Aiken County Coroner’s Office reports as of Tuesday afternoon, November 16, 2021. An autopsy will be conducted in Newberry to determine the cause of death. The home of the incident is next to several other homes along Third Street which, is just half a mile away from the Jackson Town Hall and the Jackson Police Department headquarters. The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating. No suspects have been announced. Anyone with any information about this case is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 803-642-1761.

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