Woman who broke into Drake’s home files $4 Billion Lawsuit against him

Drake is currently facing a $4 billion lawsuit from a woman who trespassed his territory. The woman named Mesha Collins is reported to have filed a lawsuit against Champagne Papi. This might be one strange lawsuit you are hearing in a while as one would think that if someone is caught trespassing on your property, you would be rather in the best position to sue them.

However,  reserve has come to be the case between Aubrey Drake Graham and Collins. Rada Online says they have obtained documents showing that Collins has sued the superstar for $4 billion, alleging that he used both her name and likeness via his music, social media, and product endorsements. She also accuses him of doxxing her address.

Back in June, police reportedly responded to a call about a burglary at Drake’s Los Angeles home. The entire ordeal was rather bizarre because police “found Mesha had drank some of Drake’s refreshments and locked herself in a room. She was released from jail after posting a $100k bond.” Drake was said to have not pressed charges because he felt as if she had “personal issues,” but then, she sued him for billions.

Photo credit – Drake USATSI

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