9-year-old Ezra Blount killed in Astroworld tragedy

By | November 15, 2021

Ezra Blount Death – Cause of Death – On Sunday, 14th of November 2021, Ezra Blount sadly passed away at the age of 9. According to report, Ezra Blount was one of the victim of the Astroworld tragedy that claimed the lives of 10 people.

Ezra was trampled upon at the at the music festival that happened on Friday. 5th of November 2021. Travis Scott’s performance at NRG Park spiraled out of control which led to been trampled upon and falling into a medically induced coma to combat the brain swelling.

His grandmother Tericia Blount revealed that Ezra was taken to the hospital with damage to his brain, kidney, liver, and lungs.

Reports discloses that eight people who attended the Astroworld died the night of the concert, one victim identified as Bharti Shahani succumbed to her injuries on Wednesday and hundreds more were injured that night. Entertainment news mentioned in a release that Scott is facing a slew of lawsuits alongside organizers Scoremore Mgmt, Live Nation Entertainment, and others.