19 year old Jacoby Bolton killed in a shooting in Wiggins neighborhood

By | November 18, 2021

Jacoby Bolton Death – Cause of Death – On Tuesday night, 16th of November 2021, Jacoby Bolton, 19, died after a fatal shooting in a quiet Wiggins neighborhood. Bolton was shot once in the 1300 block of Hope Avenue. The Police, EMTs, and the Wiggins Fire Department responded to the shooting and found Bolton lying in the street upon arrival.

Bolton was quickly transported to Memorial Hospital at Stone County where he was confirmed dead. Anyone with information about the crime should contact the Wiggins Police Department or Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers.

Wiggins Police Chief Jeff Thomas said on the 17th of November 2021; “No one at this time has been arrested. We do have a person of interest and we are currently trying to interview that person. We’re doing extra patrols through the area just to help calm the neighborhood down and help ease some of the feelings there, the nervousness of the events that occurred there last night.”