13-year-old Washington, D.C. kid shot and killed

Savannah's father receives deferred judgment for her death

WASHINGTON Shooting — A man allegedly pulled a gun on a 13-year-old child in Washington, D.C., thinking he was messing with cars, according to a news release from the Metropolitan Police Department. On January 7, at around 3:56 a.m., police responded to complaints of gunshots on Quincy Street and discovered the Black teen Karon Blake with what appeared to be gunshot wounds. He was brought to the hospital, where his death was confirmed.

Official statement

According to authorities, a man inside a house heard noises outside and thought he saw someone messing with cars. According to authorities, the man said that he walked outside with a registered firearm to investigate. Although the individual was not named by Metropolitan Police Chief Robert J. Contee III, he was described as Black during a news conference. Blake was approached by the man, who then shot Blake with the gun, according to the police. The individual has not been charged, and the homicide division of the police force is currently reviewing the facts and any potential criminal charges with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the agency stated.

Police have come under fire for failing to identify the suspect or file charges against him. According to CBS station WUSA, a number of locals, including Blake’s grandfather, Sean Long, voiced their complaints during a meeting with city council members on Tuesday night. He remarked, “I had no idea that you could get a gun licence and shoot someone for messing with an automobile. They would have imprisoned me if I had killed a White boy on that street because I’m Black. Long also questioned why the shooter was not immediately taken into custody by authorities. Several hundred people demonstrated in the streets to call for “Justice for Karon,” after the meeting, according to WUSA’s John Henry.

Investigation still ongoing

Blake’s grandfather stated the family was concerned they wouldn’t receive justice in an interview with WUSA. Long stated, “Sad, depressed, and angry because this shouldn’t have occurred this way. “When you’re thirteen, you shouldn’t be outside. You shouldn’t be outside, they’re right “Long spoke. But that doesn’t give you license to murder others. In a press conference, Contee stated that the way neighbors are pursuing the suspect could endanger the case. Neighbors are accusing the shooter of practicing vigilante justice.

A group calling themselves the “DC Safety Squad,” has now put up leaflets in the area asking the Deputy Mayor of Public Safety Lindsey Appiah to identify the individual and reveal video and photographic evidence. The leaflet claims, “We have compiled the names and identities of all homeowners on the street and we intend to be able to identify Karon’s murderer,” Those flyers, which were reportedly made by neighbors, are escalating the danger, according to Contee. “People are speculating and looking for those who are not participating.

People are making racial accusations, and that is incorrect “On Tuesday, Contee spoke about the event during a press conference. Contee mentioned how the case had been the subject of false information. “There’s been too much misinformation swirling around this incident, too many people have made assumptions about this case and it is unfair to the grieving family,” he said. “Spreading of inaccurate information is dangerous, reckless and has the potential to adversely impact the investigation and the relationships in our community.”

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