10 Easy Ways To Make Money With Your Phone Or Laptop


These days, most businesses are going online and new ways of making money are being created. Making money in recent times have been way more easier and simplified if compared to two decades ago. While we are not by any means discouraging youths from seeking for job opportunities with the companies that provides them, we would like to recommend working at your own pace as an entrepreneur. Meanwhile, who needs the 9-5 grind and struggling to pay rent in an expensive place like Ikoyi, CapeTown or New York? These days, you can easily quit your day job, travel the world and work from anywhere, since your office can be wherever you open your laptop.

If you are looking for a lucrative career you can start with your phone or laptop, you are at the right place. You may be a student or an employee or a businessman or someone who is trying hard to get a job. Despite your employment status, you can make your livelihood using the Internet doing of the listed jobs. Don’t forget to give each time to grow before expecting money from it.

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1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to start online full time career or side hustle. It begins with finding something you are passionate about. It maybe cars, gadgets, beauty and fashion or all about celebrities. Just anything that you would be ready to writing a topic on from time to time without losing enthusiasm. Blogging is a not a get-rich-quick avenue but if you are patient enough and allow sometime for your readers to grow, you will start making some amount of money.

To become a blogger, you must be providing contents. The more relevant contents you provide the more engaging your blog becomes. Below are the basic things you need to start blogging.

  • Laptop: You need a laptop. Some people can blog with their phone which I find amazing but if you really mean blogging, get a laptop.
  • Internet: You need a very reliable internet connection
  • Domain Name: You need a domain name. A domain name is what your blog is called. Example, InsideEko.com, InsideEko.info… anything you want your blog to be called, you need to visit Namecheap.com and search for the availability. If it is available, buy it. It will cost you around $9 which is about N3,222 in Nigerian Naira. It is renewable every year at about $14 or so.
  • Web Host: Web host is where your contents (pictures, videos and more) will be accommodated and accessed from around the world through your blog’s front end. Web hosting plan is renewed every month or yearly. You can start with shared web hosting with namecheap.com at $2.88 per month or pay $17.28 for the 1st year and $33.88 per year after your first year payment expires.
  • Google Adsense: Google Adsense is a very important part of blogging. It helps you monetize your blog’s traffic and turns your passion into lucrative business.